Google My Business Quick Start Guide

If you are a brick and mortar store or a service provider in your city, it is important for you to claim your My Business page on Google.

Google My Business is essential for getting your business to be found in local and mobile search results. As a business looking to connect with more local customers, having your business rank in the search engine result pages is a huge game changer for driving more leads.

Steps to get started:

1. Visit

2. If you already have a Google Places account, just sign in and your listing should have already automatically been upgraded to Google My Business.

3. If this is your first time ever on Google, then you will need to click on the “Get On Google” button. You will be taken to a page where you can search for your business name and address. Chances are Google already has listed your company and you simply need to claim it.

4. If your business is already listed, you can just claim on your listing and claim it. To make sure you are the rightful owner of the business, Google will either allow you to verify it immediately over the phone, or they will snail mail you a postcard containing a special code which you would then enter where prompted. Until you complete your verification, you won’t be able to access all the My Business features.

5. If your business is not in the system, you’ll have to manually add it. Just click on the option that says, “None of these match, add my business.” Simply fill out all your business information where prompted. VERY IMPORTANT – make sure that all your information is 100% correct. Make sure you double and triple check this!

6. Once your account is verified, you will have full access to all the tools such as reviews, insights, and page performance to name a few.

Here’s a great overview of My Business straight from Google…

If you don’t feel comfortable setting this all up on your own, you can always hire a company to do it for you. Such as Palm Coast SEO services.

Other helpful tips for local business can be seen in M4 Worldwide’s video below: