Ergonomic Chairs For A Comfortable Office Time

All online office furniture shops sell office chairs, but not all chairs come in many designs. When you buy office chairs online, there are few advantages you can get. One, they come at a reduced price, many choices to opt from and bonuses at times. Also, chairs come in many ergonomic designs and colors to pick at your own convenience. Ergonomic basically means that the chair is designed to take care of the health of the user, especially when it comes to the back, the neck and the head.

There are important things to think about, especially if you factor in the amount of time that employees spend sitting on their office chairs. Discomfort alone has been known to reduce productivity (people are reluctant to put in extra hours) and it is also a trigger for ill health (employees suffer back problems and headaches).

So what does an ergonomic chair look like?


There is no specific look to talk about – chairs come in all sorts of designs – but there are some design features that it must have.

It should support the lower back. When you sit down, your lower back takes a lot of the weight of your torso. When you sit for long hours on a chair that does not cradle the spine, you end up with back pain. An ergonomic chair is designed so that when you sit, the back of the chair cradles your back and takes all the strain of sitting from your back. This way, you can work for many hours without feeling strained.

It should have armrests. You may have tried to sit on a chair that does not have a place to rest your arms so you know how tiring that can be. It is because in the sitting position, your arms sort of push you forward and you cannot sit straight, at least for a long time. Arm rests allow you to lean back and reduce the strain in your upper body.

It should have wheels. In most offices, people move around to pick up things, talk on the phone and so on. It makes sense that a chair has wheels so that people don’t have to stand up every time they need to move. It makes for more productivity and fewer disruptions. Chairs that have wheels also tend to feel more comfortable than those that don’t.

It should have an ample seat. This is because when you sit, your lower back and hips carry the weight. This means that if your hips are not cradled properly you will tire faster than you otherwise would have.


It should have adjustable height because not all people are comfortable on the same height. People who are taller or shorter than average usually need to adjust their office chairs so that they can get comfortable. Although most office furniture shops sell adjustable chairs, you should check to make sure just how far the chair can be adjusted. The more height options a chair has, the better for your employees.


It should come in pleasing and matching colors and it should also be easy to clean. Choose office chairs that blend with the rest of the furniture in the office and that are also easy to clean. It is important that they dry fast after they are cleaned.

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Another Reason Why Pinterest Needs to be Part of Your Marketing Arsenal

If you are a business that wants to increase your sales to a very targeted audience, you are going to love the news that Pinterest just released. In case you have been hiding under a rock, you know that Pinterest has become one of the web’s biggest websites and if used properly, can aid tremendously in your business’ growth.

Pinterest Buyable Pins

Pinterest just announced that in the United States they will be rolling out “Buyable Pins” to iPhone and iPad users. What does this mean? Well, you will soon be able to make purchases without even having to leave the Pinterest app! We know that the more convenient you make something for your customers, the better they will respond and higher conversion rates you will have. Well it doesn’t get any more convenient than this!

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Google My Business Quick Start Guide

If you are a brick and mortar store or a service provider in your city, it is important for you to claim your My Business page on Google.

Google My Business is essential for getting your business to be found in local and mobile search results. As a business looking to connect with more local customers, having your business rank in the search engine result pages is a huge game changer for driving more leads.

Steps to get started:

1. Visit

2. If you already have a Google Places account, just sign in and your listing should have already automatically been upgraded to Google My Business.

3. If this is your first time ever on Google, then you will need to click on the “Get On Google” button. You will be taken to a page where you can search for your business name and address. Chances are Google already has listed your company and you simply need to claim it.

4. If your business is already listed, you can just claim on your listing and claim it. To make sure you are the rightful owner of the business, Google will either allow you to verify it immediately over the phone, or they will snail mail you a postcard containing a special code which you would then enter where prompted. Until you complete your verification, you won’t be able to access all the My Business features.

5. If your business is not in the system, you’ll have to manually add it. Just click on the option that says, “None of these match, add my business.” Simply fill out all your business information where prompted. VERY IMPORTANT – make sure that all your information is 100% correct. Make sure you double and triple check this!

6. Once your account is verified, you will have full access to all the tools such as reviews, insights, and page performance to name a few.

Here’s a great overview of My Business straight from Google…

If you don’t feel comfortable setting this all up on your own, you can always hire a company to do it for you. Such as Palm Coast SEO services.

Other helpful tips for local business can be seen in M4 Worldwide’s video below: